Mummy Bucket

Once again, out comes the fun Halloween projects. This is a project that I’ve done in the past and sent off to my niece when she was away in college. This year my darling daughter was the recipient.

I think my “girl” mummy is just too cute. I start by painting Mod Podge all over the outside of a new paint can. Then I start wrapping the gauze around. The nose can be made with cotton balls or I used some quilting type material to give it that little bump. Just keep wrapping your gauze around it. I cut out ovals for the eyes, and the tongue is a rectangle with the corners rounded. Everything is sponged with black ink. I tie on the ribbons and then also tie a paint can opener on with another piece of ribbon. After all, we want our recipient to be able to get the goodies out once our lid is on. The lid is covered with card stock and the “trick or treat” and bats are added. All of the card stock portions get a coating of Mod Podge (I use the gloss) just to add some shine. I also stuck a couple of googlie eyes on after I took the photo. I just couldn’t resist!

Maybe you have someone you know who would love to have this mummy visit with cookies or candy inside!