Card Buffets are Back!

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Pennant Christmas

It’s time for my Card Buffets! Above is a sample from one of my previous buffets. For those of you who haven’t attended one of my buffets, here are the details. I will have 12 differently designed cards, each design in a shoebox with enough cardstock and embellishments to make 15 cards. You pick the box with the design you like, making as many of those cards as you wish. Once you are done, you return the box to the table and pick up another one and start again. If all 15 cards in a particular design are gone, that’s all, folks. The box will not be replenished. The fee for the Card Buffet is $25, with you making a minimum of 10 cards. Each card after that is $1 each. Only finished cards leave the event. No un-made packets are available.

Card Buffet Dates:

Friday, September 27, 6:00 P.M. – 11:00 P.M.

Saturday, September 28, 9:00 A.M. – 2:00 P.M.

Let me know if you would like to attend. Space is limited!